Bugs are fixed and simple how-to-play is added 


Allocate your dice to the abilities and defeat waves of enemies! The dice number will decrease when you take damage, so you have to change the allocation to deal with the situation

Tips: You can make a Dice 6 by taking damage from 10.

[The whole battle system's code and asset were from TopDown Engine, so it maybe looks well. However, it was not created by myself.

The game shouldn't be rated well because of good-looking and if possible I hope you could focus on the dice system which I created.]


ESC: Open/Close Dice Window

WASD: Move

Mouse: Aim and shoot

Space: Dash(which you should get used to) or Turn on switch. 

(PS: You can turn on switch only in the dash cooldown period. It's not a good design I realized.)

R: Reload

How To Play

1. When enter the game, you need press the ESC button to open the dice window.

2. You could move your dice to the slot beside abilities.

3. When all is ready, turn on the switch in the center of the room, and enemies will be spawned. => BATTLE START

(You need to turn on the switch at every wave by yourself)

LUCK is a parameter which decreases the possibility of blank gun.

Sorry for not having time to prepare UI and tutorial which I wanted to do at the bottom room.



All the assets(except dice and frame sprites) are from TopDown Engine

Battle system is also from TopDown Engine. I don't know if it is legal to use an engine asset like this and I am sorry if this is prohibited.

All the code for this jam's game system are by myself.


GMTK_Gamejam_Version 21 MB


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The game is very buggy and confusing at first. but when you figure it out and it works, it is very fun to play. would greatly appreciate if you tried out my game!

how do i start the game?
i got to the lever but could not "start" it.

Sorry for that. You can only turn on the switch in dash cooldown time

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Known Issues

I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make a game without issues this time. Here are what I found:

1.When you assign a dice to the hp’s TENS place but don’t assign any dice to the ONES place(shown as the image below), the dice will disappear after you get damaged.

You should avoid this. By the way, the 0 dice is ok as it is shown at the start.

2.When you exchanged a new weapon, the damage will become 0.

To fix this, you could open dice window again and close it. After that the damage of the new weapon will reflect correctly.

3.The enemies with rifle will give 0 damage to you.

You cannot fix or avoid this. On the other word, it’s a roll of the dice when the wave’s enemies are them, so just enjoy it~

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4.The game will become slow when running on the Mac’ screen.

I presume this is because of the high resolution. You can try to open this page on a low-resolution monitor, but I’m not sure it will be fixed.